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Merlins Bridge Football Club Sponsorship

What Does Computer Solutions Wales have to say?

Over the past few months, Computer Solutions Wales has sponsored Merlins Bridge Football Club with their new player data, which keeps track of players' performance. The owner of Computer Solutions Wales has said he is very proud to be asked to sponsor the club for this equipment as it will help improve the player's gameplay.

What Does Merlins Bridge A.F.C. have to say?
Merlins Bridge Football Club thanks Player Data for their official performance partnership with the Bridge.
PlayerData provides industry-leading GPS technology, incorporating advanced technology
that allows us to analyze the player's data, and we at Merlins Bridge Football Club are delighted to partner with such an organization.
This exciting partnership will assist the club's management, allowing them access to performance-enhancing data from matchdays and training sessions.
This technology is used within professional sports clubs, and we are delighted to be able to use this technology at the Bridge.

We thank Player Data for their ongoing support.
Computer Solutions Wales sponsors our Player Data GPS Technology.



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