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BT Scammer, Know the Signs!

The BT Scam:

We want to make sure that everyone is aware of this dangerous scam that is currently targeting BT customers. One of our clients recently fell victim to a sophisticated scam, losing a significant amount of money and compromising sensitive information. Here’s what happened and what you need to know to protect yourself.


The Incident

Last Friday afternoon, our client received a phone call from someone claiming to be from BT Customer Support. The caller, who appeared to be calling from a London-based number, convinced our client that his router and computers had been hacked multiple times. Trusting the caller, the client followed their instructions to open the Run dialog on his computer and type This led to the download of a remote support client, giving the scammer access to the client’s laptop.


Once connected, the scammer ran commands in the Command Prompt to display what seemed like a log of the computer's files, falsely claiming that the client had been hacked 643 times. Instead of double-checking with his IT support provider, the client allowed the scammer to access his business bank account, resulting in the theft of £18,000. The scammer also downloaded all of the client’s important files.



How to Protect Yourself

It’s important to know the signs of such scams and take precautions:

  1. No Remote Access Requests: BT, Microsoft, or any other ISP will never ask for remote access to your PC.
  2. Check the Website URL: Legitimate ISPs will use domains ending in or .com. Always verify the URL.
  3. Verify Calls Independently: If someone calls claiming to be from your ISP or Microsoft, hang up and call the official number from the company’s website or a trusted source.
  4. Do Not Share Card Details: No legitimate service provider will ask for your card details over the phone.

If you suspect that you’ve given a scammer access to your PC or laptop, turn off your device immediately and contact your local computer repair shop or IT support provider.


Think smart, act quickly, and don’t let scammers get hold of your personal or business information. Share this story with others to help prevent these scams from affecting more people.

Stay safe and vigilant!



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