WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Under the new lockdown laws we are more aware then ever of the amount of usage your PC/Laptops are going to get. As keyworkers our IT engineers are on call everyday. Until further notice. Call outs will be assessed on a case by case basis following strict health questions. If we do need to call then we will wear gloves at all times and keep a safe distance from yourselves. We also offer remote help which means we don’t have to enter your home provided you have internet. A service and full check-up of your PC/Laptop is at an offer of £15. This can be done remotely via a safe and secure system.

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We can back up your Documents, Pictures, Video’s and Music with our online cloud, so you will have access to it 24/7 even if you delete a file. You can reclaim the document just by logging on and downloading the backup version.


If you would like more info please contact us on; Email: info@pembsmedia.co.uk           Tel: 07596753789