About Us

Our vision is to grow and develop as the #1 service centre for PC and laptop users in our country!

We are going to achieve this by converting all opportunities into sustainable business growth, nurturing a culture of innovation, and providing better value to our partners and consumers while also offering best-in-class services.

We provide innovative repair services for your computers, laptops, and other high-tech devices and gadgets. We also aim to give you excellent customer service and quality repair with a quick turnaround.

We strive to get you back to normal use of your device as soon as possible without the need to overpay for our services!

We aim to help our clients recover their devices’ operability and educate them on how to avoid such issues in the future. Our team also strives to offer top-notch customer service through consulting our regular and new customers on how to easily install software and how basic maintenance of their computers can help them.

Why Invest in Us?


We have top leading members of our team, which are willing to go to the extra mile to keep the customers/clients happy, we also have the top success rate for keeping businesses happy and on track with their daily services, and we us t quality of IT Systems that money can buy with our RMM & Ticketing Customer service. You will get training and weekly meetings to see if we can help you further.


You will get training and weekly meetings to see if we can help you anymore help in advertising your business in your area • Regular earnings • Be your own boss • Decide what days you want to work • Collaborative social media posts Computer Solutions Wales is a family, we stick by each other.

how much will it cost?

Low cost & positive cash-flow • With a 100% return on your investment in the first year.

The set-up cost for this prime regional Computer Repair company ‘territory’ is determined by its geographical location, its demand as an address and the size of its exclusive footprint (the entirety of England & Wales).

With a total set-up cost of £14,000, Computer Solutions Wales has a projected ROI of fewer than eighteen months.

what will you receive?

We inspire to achieve technological excellence so it is only natural to spread that wherever we go.

By franchising with us you shall receive several pieces of hardware, software and beneficial services;

• An Inspiron 15 Laptop
• OptiPlex 5090 Small Form Factor
• Dell 24” Monitor
• All Software, such as W10, W11, Password Breaker, Anti-Virus
• All Marketing tools and Graphics along with our logo
• Complete Customer Management & Remote Management System
• 24 Hour Support if needed
• Your business location added to our website
• Custom advertising you’re your business
• Company emails and access to the C.S.W staff portal

Package Deals & Offers

We want to give our franchisees the best possible deals which are best suited to their needs and organization. We currently have three package deals available; our Gold, Silver and Bronze packages.



The Bronze Package covers all of the basics a business needs to run efficiently. This contains all hardware and software detailed in the pack as well as our 24/7 tech support.



The Silver Package is a brand refresh for your company. You will receive the hardware and software in the bronze package you will receive some new marketing such as business cards, flyers, menus, or whatever you’re business needs. All of our work is done by a Graphic Designer with a bachelor’s Honours in Graphic Communication so all of the work is tailormade specifically for your organisation.



The Gold Package is the full company refresh. Alongside the bronze pack hardware and software, you will receive ten marketing posts of your choice for your own company delivered as high-quality, screen-ready PNG files, branding, flyers, business cards or whatever you request. Gold Package owners also have entrance to our priority list. These individuals are top of the list for call-outs, tech support, web design and graphic design work.

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