CCTV Installation & Services

Computer Solution Wales offers a complete CCTV installation for your business premises.
With state of the art CCTV technology and experienced technicians.

CCTV Installation

All our CCTV systems are installed safely and securely by our CCTV technicians, and the CCTV system can be fully operational for your entire business premises within hours.

Complete CCTV Solutions

With our complete CCTV system solutions, you will have a secure and reliable video security system.

And we offer fantastic pricing plans and support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

CCTV Systems for your Home

Our CCTV systems are also available for Home installation. Contact us today for a quote.

CCTV Maintenance Service

Would you be interested in a monthly service for the CCTV?

For a low-cost monthly fee you can get:

Camera maintenance

All your CCTV camera’s and equipment serviced on a monthly basis.

Cleaning service

Camera’s and corresponding are cleaned when we do your monthly maintenance.

equipment checks

We will check all your CCTV equipment for errors and faults. All work would be signed off by one of your qualified engineers.

reduced replacement costs

If any of your CCTV equipment becomes faulty and needs to be replaced, you will charged at a discounted rate.

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