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Protection from Hacking

Use a firewall

A firewall is designed to protect one computer network from another. They are used between areas of high and low trust, like a private network and the internet. Firewalls offer protection by controlling traffic entering and leaving a network. The firewall does this using a set of filters or rules that are set by the user to allow or block particular types of traffic. A firewall can help protect against hackers accessing your systems if correctly set up.

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Are you getting the service you deserve

The internet is incredibly powerful in the modern business world, with many already embracing new technology. A high-speed connection is essential for efficient day to day operations such as using cloud based tools, IP telephony, applications and file transfers. But with a dependable, super-fast broadband connection a business can take full advantage of cloud-based tools to boost productivity, improve service quality and increase growth.

Traditional business software applications, such as HR, CRM and Accounts, are increasingly moving to the cloud, and most back-ups are now done online. Fast business broadband speeds are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity, and super-fast speeds can be achieved for most businesses with a combination of fibre optic cabling and traditional copper wire phone lines.

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80% of Wi-Fi Installations Are Incorrectly Installed

Unfortunately, this is a true statement and has been identified by many Wi-Fi professionals. We have been to plenty of sites where the Wi-Fi has not been installed properly. The key to a successful Wi-Fi installation is to properly plan everything. This involves a proper site survey and from that survey we can plan for the following.

  • Right placement of access points (eliminate dead spots)
  • Correct channel utilization
  • VoIP
  • Security
  • Network capacity
  • Guest networks
  • Spectrum utilization
  • Network design for 2.4 and 5 ghz
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