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Wifi Hotspot

Our product offers one of the best experiences for you and your guests, not only because of the ease of access but the security aspect. We understand it is difficult to manage multiple wireless networks on your own, that’s why we have developed a system that is simple to use and monitor. We use a system with multiple redundancies and 24 hour monitoring. If there’s a problem, we’ll action a repair within 15 minutes. No matter where you are we can design a system that provides excellent coverage and reliability at affordable prices. We use a worldwide award winning manufacturer to ensure the latest technology is installed and maintained. We’re evening installing Vodafone into remote locations, to provide a bigger and better service than most other providers.

Solutions offered by us -

Hotspot in a box – Simple if you own a small B&B or Café. Plug and Play.

Pembs 1 – Mainly used on Caravan and Campsites, using existing broadband connections.

Pembs 2 – A system where we provide not only access to guests, but provide faster internet on to site. Usually used for remote locations, marinas, events and at sea.

All our systems are monitored 24 hours a day and access to our web portal to create new users, monitor guest usage, suspend users and change settings to your Hotspot.