WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Under the new lockdown laws we are more aware then ever of the amount of usage your PC/Laptops are going to get. As keyworkers our IT engineers are on call everyday. Until further notice. Call outs will be assessed on a case by case basis following strict health questions. If we do need to call then we will wear gloves at all times and keep a safe distance from yourselves. We also offer remote help which means we don’t have to enter your home provided you have internet. A service and full check-up of your PC/Laptop is at an offer of £15. This can be done remotely via a safe and secure system.

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80% of Wi-Fi Installations Are Incorrectly Installed

Unfortunately, this is a true statement and has been identified by many Wi-Fi professionals. We have been to plenty of sites where the Wi-Fi has not been installed properly. The key to a successful Wi-Fi installation is to properly plan everything. This involves a proper site survey and from that survey we can plan for the following.

  • Right placement of access points (eliminate dead spots)
  • Correct channel utilization
  • VoIP
  • Security
  • Network capacity
  • Guest networks
  • Spectrum utilization
  • Network design for 2.4 and 5 ghz

These are just a few of the points we check for when conducting a site survey. We always suggest running three types of survey and the first is a pre-deployment survey. If your moving into new premises or building new premises, we can run the survey with our own equipment to test for all the above areas and anything you might require. Post-deployment site survey, this is to confirm the network is working. Periodic health checks to make sure everything is running properly.

Security for your network is also a very important feature that should not be overlooked. A proper firewall should always be implemented. Wi-Fi security should be configured to a minimum of WPA2 AES. Firmware updates for all devices should be done regularly. Otherwise that device can be compromised by hackers.

If your existing network is causing problems, then please get in touch as we can analyze it with our tools and make the relevant recommendations or implementations.

At Computer Solutions Wales we specialise in the design, Installation, support and management of public and private Wi-Fi solutions to meet the needs of your business. With a range of affordable and customisable packages to keep you secure and connected.